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The Polish Ambassador / Wildlight / Ayla Nereo / Mr. Lif / Liminus: so much good music packed in to one night! I captured a few songs in-between dancing my ass off: “Oh, Love!” (Ayla solo) - “Live Inside a Dream” (Wildlight) - “Shine Bright” (Terra Bella) - TPA interlude - “Let the Rhythm Just.” TPA & crew are on an epic “permaculture action tour” currently; check out the details at

Check out my video of TPA at Beloved, scenes from his legendary Sunday afternoon set:

My recent “yogastone” photo excursion through Yellowstone and the Tetons was directly inspired by the work of Robert Sturman, including these epic shots created on a recent trip to Thailand. With all the yoga selfies flooding the internet, Sturman’s photos stand apart for their lack of ego, the absorbed poise and selfless grace of the yogis and, most inspiring to me, the ways in which his subjects and their chosen asanas fit so organically in their environments.

Twenty years ago, Leftover Salmon were on their first West Coast tour and, long story short, ended up jamming on my front porch on 45th & Latona in Seattle, joined by friends in another band, Jambay. Here’s some photos from that memorable sesh, copies of which I handed off to the band last night here in Bellingham, completing the circle two decades later! And, amazingly, here’s a lo-fi boombox recording of some of that porch jam: After a couple minutes one gets used to the crappy sound and caught up in the energy & joy of the moment! So fun to be able to share these 20 years later…

Super excited for Sacred Bass Sessions’ “Dream it Real” event next Saturday in Bellingham! Our guiding intention is to create a powerful container where we can acknowledge, realize and share our dreams and use our asana practice and heart-centered community connection to move them forward. Fresh from Wanderlust Whistler, our team will offer a vibrant evening of discussion, yoga practice, meditation and music. You’ll leave feeling grounded, focused and inspired to Dream it Real! More info and RSVP at

Scenes from The Polish Ambassador’s unforgettable Sunday afternoon set at Beloved 2014 in Tidewater, Oregon. All video & photos by Christian Martin (me!) One of the best dance parties at one of the best West Coast festies I’ve ever been to! TPA & crew are on an epic “permaculture action tour” currently; check out the details at

Rising Appalachia performing “Zavedi Me Lalino > Freedom” — and a “Ain’t Got No” drum jam thrown in for good measure — at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, WA on their Fall 2014 West Coast tour. At the end, a few photos of a pre-show gathering and Leah and Chloe at my home the next morning; I hosted the sisters and their band overnight to provide them with some local flavor and comfort.

Best thing about summertime? Meeting up with friends old & new, from near & far, for play, connection, creativity, adventure! This summer has been particularly fruitful and I am beyond grateful for all of the beautiful people in my life…